BIO-CLEAR Cleanser

Give your overworked skin some love with this effective but gentle cleanser. This powerful wash blends the anti-inflammatory benefits of cayenne with the antiseptic benefits of clove and the astringent benefits of willow bark. Perfect for oily and blemish-prone skin types, this face wash is designed to eliminate oils and dirt on skin. Try out this natural ingredient solution today!



Striking the perfect balance between effective and gentle is elementary with this brilliant facial treatment. This natural ingredient masque is safe and gentle enough to use every day, without drying or irritating skin. Leaves skin feeling and looking soothed and supple. Breakouts diminish with regular use, and results are noticeable immediately. Perfect for facial blemishes as well as body blemishes. This fast-acting daily or weekly masque treats and repairs blemished skin while actively fending off future flare-ups. Experience the benefits today!


BIO-CLEAR    Toner

Banish blemishes naturally without harsh chemicals. Our bio-clear toner is made from a blend of natural ingredients that help relieve blemished skin, including witch hazel, MSM, and willow bark. Botanicals like clove, juniper, and cayenne help control the skin’s oil production. All of the ingredients in our private label toner work together to effectively cleanse and balance the skin without drying it out. The result? Clear, clean and beautiful skin.


BIO-CLEAR Blemish Treatment

Our day and night spot treatment is perfect for improving blemish-prone skin. With 2% salicylic acid, this lightweight gel is a synergistic blend of natural ingredients, including colloidal silver to help skin clear and heal. Non-irritating like other spot treatments, this topical application is an excellent addition to any oily skin-type protocol!


BIO-CLEAR Blemish Moisturizing Treatment

A light daily moisturizer formulated to work well with sensitive, oily or blemish prone skin. A blend of organic Willow Bark, Clove Essential Oil, organic Juniper and organic Cayenne help prevent excess oil production while organic Lavender and MSM support healing. Gentler on your skin than typical anti-blemish products, this moisturizer helps to calm and clarify without dryness, irritation or redness. The non-comedogenic formula provides a perfect amount of moisture to balance oil production. This is a great daily moisturizer for face and body.