Enhancement to Facial

Hand Therapy

Hands are one of the body parts we don't pay much attention to. Our hands age just like any other part on our body. Doing chores, & washing dishes dry our hands. We sometimes fail to moisturize them leaving them looking old and dry with wrinkles. This treatment will moisturize your hands in a deeper level for a longer softer feel.

Led Photon Therapy Light

Light energy therapy stimulates the natural healing power of the cells in your body. This treatment has been independently studied for more than 40 years worldwide. Visible and infrared light have beens shown to affect positive therapeutic benefits to living tissue and organism on a cellular level. 

*Mention if you suffer from claustrophobia for an alternative modality

Shiatsu Acupressure 

This massage works on releasing deep seated tension and freeing the layers of connective tissue so that facial muscles can relax easing restrictions and lifting up the face. A sequence of acupressure points are stimulated during the treatment which not only stimulates the face but benefits the whole body as well. 

*Ideal enhancement during the body wrap

Reiki Scan

Enjoy a peaceful facial while the hands will bring you the energy light of love, life and peace. Finishing with a quick body scan to pin point any areas that need your attention.