Our Mission

My mission at Bella Reyna Spa is to strive for excellence, service results, mutual trust and comfort to your mind, body and soul for an amazing experience.


I believe that investing in our skin and body is an investment that lasts a lifetime.  I take pride in each treatment I perform from Facials to Reiki.

I believe educating my clients about their skin and what is the best way to keep it healthy will stablish good habits for future, long lasting results.

I will be honored if you allow me to assist you with your skin's preventative needs.

My Story

Hello, my name is Reyna Almazan.  Since I was a young girl I have enjoyed the art of beauty and health doing facials on my friends even though mom would always get upset because I used her clean white sheets and towels. As I got older I couldn't play anymore but I still kept on with my monthly facials and daily skin's regimen. 

The career path of 25 years I originally chose was unfulfilling and didn't allow me to express my creativity in helping, and educating for the best way to keep our skin healthy. This is why one day I finally made the decision of changing my career to the beauty industry.  In 2012, I graduated from one of the top esthetics schools in illinois, New Age Spa Institute, holding the following credentials:

  • Chemical Peel
  • Dermaplaning
  • IPL Laser
  • Lash Perming
  • LED Therapy
  • Make-up Artistry
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MDL)
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Nano-Microneedling
  • Reiki III Holistic Healing

Obtaining my Esthetic Liscense has been life changing for me. Knowing that I make a difference in someone else's life by helping them with their own happiness makes me love what I do and enjoy going to work every day.

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